Superconducting Materials


It specializes in the R&D of new and KM-class Second generation high temperature superconducting material (2G-HTS) and high temperature superconducting material application technology, and industrialization of 2G-HTS and R&D of its applied technology. We are committed to the combination of production...

Beijing Zhonglan Tongda Electric Complete Set Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhonglan Tongda Electric Complete Set Co., Ltd. specializes in contracting large-scale projects at home and abroad based on complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment, domestic and foreign trade based on mechanical and electrical import and export, and feasibility study, technical consultation, reconnaissance and design, construction supervision and project management of construction projects at home and abroad. It provides service in many fields such as international project contracting, electric power, import and export, consulting and design.

Suzhou Advanced Materials Research Institute (SAMRI) company limited

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SAMRI is a second generation high temperature superconducting R&D enterprise, which jointed by Jiangsu Etern Co., LTD, Suzhou Industrial Park management committee subordinate venture capital firms and superconducting technology team. SAMRI specialize in developing 2G-HTS with km-class long strip and developing new HTS application technology to realize the industrialization of HTS strip and the research and development of related application technology. It has undertaken the National 863 project, the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department Industry Research Project, the Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department Achievement Transformation Project and so on...