After-sales service

ONE, The after-sales service commitment of the product:
A) all products are provided with 24 months warranty.
B) provide professional and technical personnel opening inspection service during the project period, provide on-site construction supervision for users, and provide optical cable connection service.
C) providing optical cable accessories procurement services;
D) after the completion of the project, it will continue to provide perfect after-sales service and technical support.
Two, technical support commitment:
A) open 24 hours hotline service (400-856-3622) to facilitate customers to get in touch with the company in time and solve all kinds of problems raised by users.
B) provide free technical documents, testing data and other required technical information.
C) carry out technical training according to customer needs, or hold technical exchange meetings to facilitate communication and communication between buyers and sellers.
D) according to actual needs, our company can adopt two kinds of technical support methods: Hotline guidance and on-the-spot troubleshooting.